Business Development Tools - Micro Enterprises

Title II Chapter 3

It is a tool dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with the dual objective of favoring:

  • The growth of productive investments (between € 30,000.00 and € 4,000,000.00) thanks to the mix of contribution on plant account determined on the amount of interest on a loan granted by a Lender (Credit Institute) and an additional contribution on plant account determined on the purchase cost (net of VAT) of new factory machinery and equipment
  • Access to bank credit thanks to the stimulus action exercised by the subsidy instrument aimed at creating a stable and lasting synergy between the credit system, Puglia Region and Puglia Sviluppo

For more info, see the Public Notice here.


Title VI Energy Efficiency Fund

The instrument was conceived in line with a cohesion policy that contributes significantly to the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives for the transition to a low-carbon economy, giving priority to interventions that maximize results in terms of reduced energy consumption, energy emissions of businesses and integrations of renewable sources. Support to corporate energy efficiency programs is provided through a formula that allows recipient companies to obtain public coverage equal to 70% of the planned intervention, and to access bank credit for the remaining 30%, with the aim of guaranteeing financial resources for 100% of the single eligible project. Eligible investment projects must expect to achieve energy savings of at least 10% of the local unit subject to investment. Eligible interventions are those related to:

  • Energy efficiency
  • High efficiency cogeneration
  • Production of energy from renewable sources

For more info, see the Public Notice here.


Risk Financing Fund 2014/2020

The objective of the Risk Financing Fund is to facilitate access to credit and to strengthen the assets of SMEs. The financial advantage of the public contribution to the Fund is fully transferred to the final recipients in the form of a reduction in the interest rate. The measure is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Puglia Region, which can apply for medium / long-term loans from selected banks, using financial instruments in the form of a portfolio guarantee and a risk sharing loan, activated under the Fund.