Business Development Tools - Tourism Micro Enterprises

Title II - Tourism Chapter 

The tool is dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the tourism sector, and aims at the recovery and / or refurbishment of existing properties, the construction or modernization of bathing facilities, the construction and / or management of tourist landing places with the objective of supporting:

  • The growth of productive investments (between € 30,000.00 and € 4,000,000.00) thanks to the mix of contribution on plant account determined on the amount of interest on a loan granted by a Lender (Credit Institute) and an additional contribution on plant account determined on the purchase cost (net of VAT) of new factory machinery and equipment
  • Access to bank credit thanks to the stimulus action exercised by the subsidy instrument aimed at creating a stable and lasting synergy between the credit system, Puglia Region and Puglia Sviluppo
  • The recovery, refurbishment and enhancement for economic and social purposes of the huge Apulian real estate assets, avoiding the financing of new buildings, with the aim of making the economic growth of the regional tourism sector more sustainable 

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