Financing for Liquidity - Micro Enterprises


Puglia Region Micro-loan

The tool allows access to credit to operational micro-enterprises and self-employed workers registered in the business register (in both cases with operational headquarters in Puglia) that, due to the economic difficulties caused by the health crisis and the containment measures, have not reached in 2021 the revenue levels of 2019.

The loans are disbursed in the form of five-year, zero-rate mortgages, between € 5,000.00 and € 30,000.00, plus 12-month pre-amortization. The loan can only be used to support operating costs.

The facility will be granted 80% in the form of a loan and 20% in the form of repayable assistance. Companies that are up to date with the repayment before the expiry of the 49th installment and that have correctly demonstrated the expense, will be awarded a bonus equal to the sum of the last 12 installments. The subsidized loan will be therefore considered extinguished.

Access to the notice is online at  from 10/21/2021 to 01/31/2022.

For more info, see the Puclic Notice here.

Custodiamo le Imprese

The extraordinary aid measure allows micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with operational headquarters in Puglia, forced to close by decree in 2021, to receive a direct grant that compensates for the lower revenues achieved during the pandemic. The measure is available to companies that have not obtained other specific aid from Puglia Region, including those provided for by Micro-loan (2020 and 2021 editions) and Working Capital loan (Title II Chapter 3 and Chapter 6) from the measures Guardiamo il Turismo in Puglia 2.0 and Custodiamo la Cultura in Puglia 2.0. The company revenues in the period 07/01/2020 – 06/30/2021 must have not exceeded 70% of the revenues in the period 07/01/2019 – 06/30/2020, which means that the revenue decrease year over year must have been at least 30%. The subsidy consists of a compensation (non-repayable) that can reach up to € 25,000.00.

The application must be submitted through the portal from 01/13/2022, when the notice was published in the Official Bulletin of Puglia Region, until 02/28/2022 at 4 p.m. The measure is linked to the temporary framework of aid granted by the European Union for Covid-19 health 

For more info, see the Public Notice here