Financing for the Internationalization of Markets

Active from March 2nd, 2020, the new facilitation tool is directed at small and medium-sized enterprises, single or in groups or consortia, which intend to internationalize their business. The aid is disbursed through a grant determined on the amount of the interest of a loan and a further additional grant up to an overall aid intensity of 45% of the value of the project, with an increase of 5 percentage points for companies that have obtained the rating of legality and for business groups or consortia. To access the tool, the company must submit the application to an accredited lender or to a trust (see the list here). The application will then be sent to Puglia Sviluppo for subsidy, after having approved the granting of the loan. The instrument finances projects from €50,000.00 up to €800,000.00 for SMEs in single form and up to €4,000,000.00 for consortia and groupings of SMEs.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Groups and Consortia

Title IV - aid for internationalization

The tool is directed at small and medium-sized enterprises, groupings of SMEs set up in the legal form of a network contract, consortia with external activities, and consortium SMEs also set up in a cooperative form and with operational headquarters in Puglia Region, which intend to implement an internationalization program of their business. The tool makes it possible to carry out programs for an amount not less than € 50,000.00, referring to local units located in the territory of Puglia Region for: 

  • Internationalization, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the corporate offer system abroad, carried out through marketing projects abroad and / or industrial collaboration with foreign partners (such as partnerships, joint ventures, use of patents and technologies), which may include:

    • research services for foreign partners for the definition of investment projects and / or industrial collaboration agreements to be carried out abroad
    • feasibility studies related to the economic, financial, fiscal, legal contract, and design / engineering of products / processes related to investment projects and / or industrial partnerships to be carried out abroad 
    • technical assistance and tutoring services to the company in the various stages of implementation and monitoring of the internationalization program
  • International marketing, aimed at ensuring the stable presence of the company in foreign markets, which may include:

    • qualified consultancy assistance for the implementation of actions for the offer structuring on foreign markets, the introduction of new products and / or brands on existing foreign markets or the inclusion of products and / or brands on new foreign markets, planning of coordinated promotional and communication initiatives (also through the creation and launch of collective brands)
  • Participation in fairs, exclusively for the participation of a company in one fair or exhibition, in Italy or abroad, of international relevance

For more info, see the Public Notice here.